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Cross the bridge with the singing horrors and enter the chamber filled with spiders. The path leads down to a switch that drops the Mensis Brain from the tower, clearing the path to the Blood Rock.

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Return to the previous room leading to the Brain lever and drop into a hole that leads to another bridge below. Run to the central tower and drop down into the lower balcony. The Blood Rock is found there.

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If you have The Old Hunters there is a second free Blood Rock available to collect in the Fishing Hamlet near the end of the add-on's main path. Start at the Fishing Hamlet Lighthouse lamp and ride the circular shortcut lift down into the lower water cavern. Enter the dark path guarded by multiple singing eye-brains.

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The road leads to a cliff over-looking the cave underneath the Fishing Hamlet's well on the left. Instead, take the right path to the area filled with piles of dead fish and strange twisted shell-humans. Go to the far end to a raised wooden scaffold. There's a corpse laying against the stone wall with your next Blood Rock.

Source: [ 1 ]. Descending along the fixed line then climb back out and up to the ridge and return to Kings Chair. From there it's a short run back to Red Bud along the Yellow Trail. After the Red Bud Aid Station at mile Follow the Yellow Trail southwest and just before the to the second foot-bridge turn left onto the horse trail.

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Follow the trail up through the abandoned cabins of Camp Tranquility then cut over to another trail by the ruins of the Camp Tranquility Chapel. Go right on the old road and onto the maintained gravel road to the restored section of the camp. At the top of the climb go left on the White Trail and follow it along the ridge, then down the mountain until it "Ts" into the Yellow Trail.

Go left on Yellow for about 1.

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    He waits for the wind, To catch the grass behind him, His look is oh so revealing, Such a fantastic piece of architecture, Fantastic piece of architecture. People came from miles, Captured by it's beauty, They said - "The work of a master", Where have they gone? The people of the county, They know that time is moving faster, For such a fantastic piece of architecture, Fantastic piece of architecture.

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    Sixty years have gone, And gone is it's beauty, They know they must go inside, Birds live on the eaves, And paint peels from the ceiling, The smell of death is inside, Such a fantastic piece of architecture, Fantastic piece of architecture. That man on the hill, He's walking down quite slowly, He knows he must go inside, Through huge open doors, He feels that breathless feeling, He lays on the floor and he dies, In his fantastic piece of architecture, Fantastic piece of architecture.

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    Blood Rock
    Blood Rock
    Blood Rock
    Blood Rock
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