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Choose the Right Vacuum

In fact, doing so can grab dust that's hiding between floor boards. Choose a vacuum that works well on wood floors. If your floors are really dirty, you want to use more cleanser, right?

Less is More

Too much of a harsh product isn't good for them. Instead, thoroughly sweep or vacuum first. Then use a moderate amount of cleanser to wipe them clean.

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Read the labels to make sure you're using a product that's safe for your floor type. A good rule of thumb for cleaning floors is to use the gentlest cleansers first, then up the ante if you need something more powerful. Gentle soap or white vinegar and water are good for starters. Whichever you choose, don't dump anything straight on the floors. Use a mop or a soft cloth to clean. Moving furniture is one of the fastest ways to damage perfectly good floors. When rearranging your space, pick up bookshelves or couches instead of pushing or pulling. Even when you're not moving into a new place, furniture can still hurt your floors.

Installing furniture pads on chair or table legs can keep your floors from getting scratched. Fixing Scratches on Wood Floors.

Keep your floors dent-free by wearing indoor-friendly flats or slippers. A dented floor board may need to be replaced, but that can be a big project. For smaller dents, a steam iron might do the trick. Most types of wooden flooring are reasonably durable and hardwearing. However, they will still need caring for and protecting from damage.

Looking after any type of wooden floor is easy and straight forward if you follow the advice below. An important part of maintaining the beauty of any wooden floor is to protect it from unwanted damage. One of the most important things to remember is to wipe away any spills immediately. The top layers of lacquer or oil will protect your floor initially, but if the liquid is left to soak into the wood then it can cause irreparable damage.

Another way to maintain your flooring is to protect it from scratches and dents. Small marks and indentations are inevitable, but there are things that you can do to prevent deeper, larger scratches.

How To Clean Wooden Floors

Firstly, remove footwear before walking on your wooden floor. Outdoor footwear is likely to have dirt and grit on the bottom that can easily scratch your floor if walked on. Ideally leave shoes and boots in a porch, garage or cupboard, but alternatively you could have a door mat or shoe rack. If you notice any stones or grit on your wooden floor, remove them straight away. You will also want to prevent furniture or heavy objects from scratching your floor.

Always pick up heavy objects to move them, rather than dragging them across the floor. You can use anti scratch felt protector pads. These can be applied to the bottom of furniture and act as a soft barrier between the wooden floor and heavy object. Cleaning your wooden floor is straight forward. All you need to do is sweep the surface of the floor with a soft bristle brush.

We would recommend that you do this everyday to remove any small surface dirt or dust. You can also use a vacuum cleaner but will need to make sure that you have the correct attachments for a wooden floor.

Once your floor has been swept, you can then clean it to remove any surface stains or marks. Today's Top Stories. This 'Cocoon House' Is Amazing. Clean Spills Immediately Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to immediately wipe up anything you spill, avoiding wet or steam mops, which the NWFA says will cause more damage over time. Use Furniture Pads Scratches are some of the toughest problems to solve in wood floors. Sweep Or Dust Daily It may seem excessive, but it's a solid recommendation.

Vacuum Weekly As painful as this one also sounds, weekly vacuuming is not only key to keeping your home clean, but also making sure any crumbs and dirt you missed while sweeping don't scratch your floors.

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How to Look After Wood Floor Finishes - The Essential Guide

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Care of Wooden Floors

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