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The average time those codes are left open for use is 63 months, according to a Bloomberg Government analysis. While the code for Hurricane Maria remain in use 21 months after it ravaged Puerto Rico, the tracking codes for the other two mega-storms that hit Texas and Florida in , Harvey and Irma, were discontinued after only 10 months. The contract spending dispute echoes the whirl of hazy claims being made by politicians as they attempt to hammer out the disaster funding package that has been stalled since last fall, primarily over the debate over more aid for Puerto Rico.

The Department of Homeland Security has defended the coding change.

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Still, the DHS has told GAO it did not plan to reopen the already-closed codes for hurricanes, saying contracting has decreased. It has also already closed the codes for hurricanes, and the code for Maria is set to expire June Manning served eight years in the Obama administration.

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But when a lapse in judgment gets Kayla in hot water, she's dropped from the Swift boarding team shortly before the much-anticipated Fire and Ice competition, dumped by Nick, and forced to work in the resort's dog kennel to pay for the damage she caused. Even worse, she gets an unexpected dose of reality about the boarding skills she always took for granted. Feeling like she's lost her identity, she turns for advice to her new coworker, Will Cloud Luke Benward , who was the area's best boarder until a fall ended his career.

Will agrees to train her for Fire and Ice, even teaching her the ultimate trick that nearly cost him his life, and in the process she begins to reconsider his own chances at the elusive championship.

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Common-sense cybersecurity in the age of IoT

This being a clean-cut Disney movie, it's not hard to guess where the plot is headed, but the story is so neatly designed that doesn't take any of the enjoyment out of it. Factor in some pretty sweet high-flying stunts, and this is sure to be an all-around hit with kids. Adults will take a particular liking to how Kayla's predicament plays out, starting with her parents' insistence that she gasp!

Strong parental role models aren't always part of tween-targeted movies, but they are in this case; even if kids don't pick up on the finer details of this plot point, it still ties in nicely with the overall themes about good character and high personal standards. Families can talk about what it's like to be left out. Kids: Have you ever felt that way? Does excluding others make some people feel more special?

Why is this the case? Kayla's experience is a lesson in the true meaning of friendship. What relationships do you value most? How do you know they're the ones you can count on? What efforts can you make to ensure that your friends can count on you? Do you think Kayla's punishment working in a dog kennel fit her crime?

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Common-sense cybersecurity in the age of IoT

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The Only Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud

Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Cloud 9. For most of the 15 or so years that cyber threats and attacks have emerged and spread as increasingly serious problems, most cybersecurity efforts focused on protecting devices and the networks linking them. More recently, some observers speculate that software is simultaneously becoming cybersecurity's latest weak point, as well as its new frontier and eventual savior.

Basically, just as software can allow connections between devices and networks, and permit vulnerabilities if not managed properly, its instructions can also be used in increasingly sophisticated ways to set up better cybersecurity measures and maintain them, too. For instance, software instructions are the engine that drive established tools for data and network management, such as Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP and its many cousins, as well as Security Information and Event Management SIEM software for real-time incident analysis and management solutions.

Both can be instrumental in aiding cybersecurity efforts.

School policy over rides common sense and science

More recent software-based methods include MQ Telemetry Transport , which is a simple, lightweight, publish-subscribe messaging protocol designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. Another is Advanced Message Queuing Protocol , which is a published, open-source standard for asynchronous messaging by wire. All can include instructions and rules for improving security. To learn how software can aid cybersecurity, Xavier Mesrobian, vice president of sales and marketing at Skkynet explains, "It's important to separate the idea of access to data from access to a network.

Users look at IT network security, and they want something similar for control networks. However, it's not possible because, if you provide continuous network access like IT does to access your data, you expose an attack surface on your controls. This is why, in addition to network segmentation, control systems are typically protected by defense-in-depth strategies employing multiple layers.

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It's a real cat-and-mouse game," says Mesrobian. This lets plant operators provide data to remote users, but completely firewall and lock-down their operations. There is no attack surface because users of the data only interact with the broker. Mesrobian points out that Skkynet's SkkyHub and DataHub solutions separate data from their networks in exactly this way, so users don't have to open firewalls on their operations. Meanwhile, Eric Knapp, director of strategic innovation, Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity, Honeywell Process Solutions HPS , adds that, "For a long time, the threat was to the networks, and industry learned to highly segment and isolate them, so the networks weren't as big a problem.

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  4. What the bad guys realized is it's still easier to get in via other avenues like USB drives, which is why we developed SMX. This addresses the right approach—how is information moving around in a plant?

    Information Security Policy for the Cloud: Dos and Don’ts

    It provides multi-layered protection for managing USB security, letting users plug in and check devices for approved use in the facility. Knapp adds that some SMX capabilities are also available via cloud-computing services. Even though cloud-computing services require more and closer-integrated networking links, and these usually come with increased cybersecurity risk, these powerful virtual and digital tools can also improve security at the same time.

    To make cloud computing, virtualized tools, and other digital formats more secure, Eliya reports there are several basic methods for monitoring them, including encrypted communications, managed virtual private network VPN tunnels, hosted servers or server clusters, and secure cloud services managed via web-based platforms.

    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
    Common Sense on the Net and Cloud Common Sense on the Net and Cloud

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