The Frugal Guinea Pig

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Some people prefer to keep their fezzles I call them this most of the time indoors but I prefer having mine outdoor due to their smell and space requirements.

They are perfectly adapted to winter conditions because after all they are very similar to their wild cousins, the polecat. Forest and Bramble have a large wooden hutch with 2 levels.

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The door is meshed and a run is attached that gives them space to play outside. Ferrets have lots of energy when they are awake and my two spends most of their waking hours play fighting with each other.

Dangers to Guinea Pigs - The DONT's of Guinea Pig Care

Ferrets are escape artists so a sturdy structure is essential. I have had their hardwood hutch several years and it has been home to guinea pigs previously. After a couple of years outside they will start to fall apart. If you prefer to buy a brand new ferret hutch I recommend getting a joiner to build you one.

Ferrets are very clean animals and usually do their business in the same area each time. A large sided cat litter tray is ideal as they tend to poop up walls rather than on the floor. It is recommended that sawdust bedding and litter is avoided as the dust can cause respiratory diseases. Low dust cat litter is preferable.

Pin on For the Pig

This is probably the most costly item that ferrets regularly need. Vet costs The highest cost for any pet is usually vet bills. If your ferret falls ill then the costs can go through the roof. You do have the option to insure your animals which could save you money in the long run. Personally, I decided not to and am prepared to forfeit the price of any treatment they require. Unsterilized jills, if not mated by a hob when they are in season can develop a fatal type of anemia.

Please do lots of research and speak to other ferret owners before bringing them into your family.

Caring for a Guinea Pig How long is the Guinea pig supposed to be fed and how much? Does a Guinea pig need a shower before and after it awakes. Does it need a bath in the night? Guinea Pig Cage I have a bin cage which is connected to my old hamster cage. I wanted to ask if during the day can I keep the cage door open so he can get out of it and roam in my room and at night close the door of the cage so he can sleep.

Frugal Pet Food | Money Saving Tips

Please get back to me as soon as you can. Caring for Rescue Guinea Pigs I just recently have become the mini guinea rescue in my town. I somehow became the lucky owner of 7 piggies, 4 males and 3 females. I'm trying to figure out the best way to house them using the grid cages. I have noticed that he likes to stay in one corner of his cage, he also uses the bathroom in this same corner, is this normal? I'm worried he's going to get sick from being in his own waste? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig
The Frugal Guinea Pig The Frugal Guinea Pig

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