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Forever tied to nuclear disaster, Fukushima residents hope for PR boost from Tokyo Olympics Two softball games and one baseball game in Fukushima next summer may be little more than an Olympic cameo, but local fans are thrilled to have them, largely in the hopes they will give their On March 7, , he returned to Veracruz with the information he had gathered and presented it to his commanders.

The invasion plan was eventually scrapped when authorities loyal to Mexican Gen. Victoriano Huerta detained a small American naval landing party that had gone ashore to buy gasoline in Tampico, Mexico , which led to what became known as the Tampico Affair. When President Woodrow Wilson discovered that an arms shipment was about to arrive in Mexico, he sent a contingent of Marines and sailors to Veracruz to intercept it on April 21, Over the next few days street fighting and sniper fire posed a threat to Butler's force, but a door-to-door search rooted out most of the resistance.

By April 26 the landing force of 5, Marines and sailors secured the city, which they held for the next six months. By the end of the conflict the Americans reported 17 dead and 63 wounded and the Mexican forces had dead and wounded. After the actions at Veracruz, the US decided to minimize the bloodshed and changed their plans from a full invasion of Mexico to simply maintaining the city of Veracruz. For distinguished conduct in battle, engagement of Vera Cruz, 22 April Major Butler was eminent and conspicuous in command of his battalion.

He exhibited courage and skill in leading his men through the action of the 22d and in the final occupation of the city. After the occupation of Veracruz, many military personnel received the Medal of Honor, an unusually high number that somewhat diminished the prestige of the award. The army presented one, nine went to Marines and 46 were bestowed upon naval personnel. During World War I Butler, then a major , attempted to return his medal, explaining he had done nothing to deserve it.

The medal was returned to him with orders to keep it and to wear it as well. Butler and a group of Marines on board. On October 24, , an estimated Cacos ambushed Butler's patrol of 44 mounted Marines when they approached Fort Dipitie. Surrounded by Cacos , the Marines maintained their perimeter throughout the night.

The next morning they charged the much larger enemy force by breaking out in three directions. The startled Haitians fled. At their temporary headquarters base at Le Trou they fought off an attack by about Cacos. For the operation Butler was given three companies of Marines and some sailors from the USS Connecticut , about men. They encircled the fort and gradually closed in on it.

Butler reached the fort from the southern side with the 15th Company and found a small opening in the wall. The Marines entered through the opening and engaged the Cacos in hand-to-hand combat. Butler and the Marines took the rebel stronghold on November 17, an action for which he received his second Medal of Honor, as well as the Haitian Medal of Honor.

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Only one Marine was injured in the assault; he was struck by a rock and lost two teeth. Roosevelt , who recommended the award based upon Butler's performance during the engagement. For extraordinary heroism in action as Commanding Officer of detachments from the 5th, 13th, 23d Companies and the Marine and sailor detachment from the U. Following a concentrated drive, several different detachments of Marines gradually closed in on the old French bastion fort in an effort to cut off all avenues of retreat for the Caco bandits.

Reaching the fort on the southern side where there was a small opening in the wall, Major Butler gave the signal to attack and Marines from the 15th Company poured through the breach, engaged the Cacos in hand-to-hand combat, took the bastion and crushed the Caco resistance. Throughout this perilous action, Major Butler was conspicuous for his bravery and forceful leadership. Under his supervision social order, administered by the dictatorship, was largely restored and many vital public works projects were successfully completed. He made several requests for a posting in France , writing letters to his personal friend, Wendell Cushing Neville.

While Butler's superiors considered him brave and brilliant, they described him as "unreliable. In October he was promoted to the rank of brigadier general at the age of 37 and placed in command of Camp Pontanezen at Brest, France , a debarkation depot that funneled troops of the American Expeditionary Force to the battlefields. The camp had been unsanitary, overcrowded and disorganized.

She later described how Butler tackled the sanitation problems. He began by solving the problem of mud: "[T]he ground under the tents was nothing but mud, [so] he had raided the wharf at Brest of the duckboards no longer needed for the trenches, carted the first one himself up that four-mile hill to the camp, and thus provided something in the way of protection for the men to sleep on. John J. Pershing authorized a duckboard shoulder patch for the units. This earned Butler another nickname, "Old Duckboard. Brigadier General Butler commanded with ability and energy Pontanezen Camp at Brest during the time in which it has developed into the largest embarkation camp in the world.

Confronted with problems of extraordinary magnitude in supervising the reception, entertainment and departure of the large numbers of officers and soldiers passing through this camp, he has solved all with conspicuous success, performing services of the highest character for the American Expeditionary Forces.

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The citation for the Navy Distinguished Service Medal states:. He commanded with ability and energy Camp Pontanezen at Brest during the time in which it has developed into the largest embarkation camp in the world. Confronted with problems of extraordinary magnitude in supervising the reception, entertainment and departure of large numbers of officers and soldiers passing through the camp, he has solved all with conspicuous success, performing services of the highest character for the American Expeditionary Forces.

At Quantico he transformed the wartime training camp into a permanent Marine post. During a training exercise in western Virginia in , he was told by a local farmer that Stonewall Jackson 's arm was buried nearby, to which he replied, "Bosh! I will take a squad of Marines and dig up that spot to prove you wrong!

He later replaced the wooden box with a metal one, and reburied the arm. He left a plaque on the granite monument marking the burial place of Jackson's arm; the plaque is no longer on the marker but can be viewed at the Chancellorsville Battlefield visitor's center. While there, he cleverly parlayed his influence among various generals and warlords to the protection of U. When he returned to the United States in he was promoted to major general, becoming, at age 48, the youngest major general of the Marine Corps.

He directed the Quantico camp's growth until it became the "showplace" of the Corps. In Butler violated diplomatic norms by publicly recounting gossip [34] [35] about Benito Mussolini in which the dictator allegedly struck and killed a child with his speeding automobile in a hit-and-run accident. Butler became the first general officer to be placed under arrest since the Civil War.

He apologized to Secretary Adams and the court-martial was canceled with only a reprimand. At the urging of Butler's father, in newly elected mayor of Philadelphia W. Freeland Kendrick asked him to leave the Marines to become the city's director of public safety, the official in charge of running the city's police and fire departments.

Philadelphia's municipal government was notoriously corrupt and Butler initially refused.

Kendrick asked President Calvin Coolidge to intervene. Coolidge contacted Butler and authorized him to take the necessary leave from the Corps. At the request of the president, Butler served in the post from January until December He replaced corrupt police officers and, in some cases, switched entire units from one part of the city to another, undermining local protection rackets and profiteering.

Within 48 hours of taking over Butler organized raids on more than speakeasies , ordering them padlocked and, in many cases, destroyed. In addition to raiding the speakeasies, he also attempted to eliminate other illegal activities: bootlegging, prostitution, gambling and police corruption. More zealous than he was political, he ordered crackdowns on the social elite's favorite hangouts, such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Union League , as well as on drinking establishments that served the working class. In one instance he made a statement that he would promote the first officer to kill a bandit and stated, "I don't believe there is a single bandit notch on a policeman's guns [ sic ] in this city; go out and get some.

He implemented programs to improve city safety and security.

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He established policies and guidelines of administration and developed a Philadelphia police uniform that resembled that of the Marine Corps. The reports praised the new uniforms, the new programs and the reductions in crime but they also reflected the public's negative opinion of their new Public Safety Director. Many felt that he was being too aggressive in his tactics and resented the reductions in their civil rights, such as the stopping of citizens at the city checkpoints. Butler frequently swore in his radio addresses, causing many citizens to suggest his behavior, particularly his language, was inappropriate for someone of his rank and stature.

Haynes, the federal Prohibition commissioner, visited the city in , six months after Butler was appointed. He announced that "great progress" [43] had been made in the city and attributed that success to Butler. Eventually Butler's leadership style and the directness of actions undermined his support within the community.

His departure seemed imminent. Mayor Kendrick reported to the press, "I had the guts to bring General Butler to Philadelphia and I have the guts to fire him.

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Lejeune to prepare for his return to the Marine Corps. Not all of the city felt he was doing a bad job, though, and when the news started to leak that he would be leaving, people began to gather at the Academy of Music. A group of 4, supporters assembled and negotiated a truce between him and the mayor to keep him in Philadelphia for a while longer, and the president authorized a one-year extension.

Butler devoted much of his second year to executing arrest warrants, cracking down on crooked police and enforcing prohibition. On January 1, , his leave from the Marine Corps ended and the president declined a request for a second extension. Butler received orders to report to San Diego and prepared his family and his belongings for the new assignment. On the eve of his departure, he had an article printed in the paper stating his intention to stay and "finish the job".

When Commandant of the Marine Corps Maj.

U.S. Marine Surprises Parents After Graduating From Boot Camp

Wendell C. Neville died July 8, , Butler, at that time the senior major general in the Corps, was a candidate for the position. Fuller and John H. Russell Jr. Lejeune and others petitioned President Herbert Hoover , garnered support in the Senate and flooded Secretary of the Navy Charles Adams' desk with more than 2, letters of support. The outspokenness that characterized his run-ins with the mayor of Philadelphia, the "unreliability" mentioned by his superiors when opposing a posting to the Western Front and his comments about Benito Mussolini resurfaced.

In the end the position of commandant went to Fuller, who had more years of commissioned service than Butler and was considered less controversial. Butler requested retirement and left active duty on October 1, Even before retiring from the Corps, Butler began developing his post-Corps career. Meier which laid the foundations for the Oregon State Police.

He donated much of his earnings from his lucrative lecture circuits to the Philadelphia unemployment relief. He toured the western United States, making 60 speeches before returning for his daughter's marriage to Marine aviator Lt. John Wehle. Her wedding was the only time he wore his dress blue uniform after he left the Marines. Butler announced his candidacy for the U. Senate in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania in March as a proponent of Prohibition , known as a "dry".

James J. A third candidate received the remainder of the votes. During his Senate campaign, Butler spoke out forcefully about the veterans bonus.

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  • Veterans of World War I, many of whom had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression , sought immediate cash payment of Service Certificates granted to them eight years earlier via the World War Adjusted Compensation Act of Each Service Certificate, issued to a qualified veteran soldier, bore a face value equal to the soldier's promised payment, plus compound interest. The problem was that the certificates like bonds , matured 20 years from the date of original issuance, thus, under extant law, the Service Certificates could not be redeemed until In June , approximately 43, marchers—17, of whom were World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—protested in Washington, D.

    After Congress adjourned, bonus marchers remained in the city and became unruly. On July 28, , two bonus marchers were shot by police, causing the entire mob to become hostile and riotous. The FBI, then known as the United States Bureau of Investigation, checked its fingerprint records to obtain the police records of individuals who had been arrested during the riots or who had participated in the bonus march. The veterans made camp in the Anacostia flats while they awaited the congressional decision on whether or not to pay the bonus. The motion, known as the Patman bill, was decisively defeated, but the veterans stayed in their camp.

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    On July 19 Butler arrived with his young son Thomas, the day before the official eviction by the Hoover administration. He walked through the camp and spoke to the veterans; he told them that they were fine soldiers and they had a right to lobby Congress just as much as any corporation. He and his son spent the night and ate with the men, and in the morning Butler gave a speech to the camping veterans. He instructed them to keep their sense of humor and cautioned them not to do anything that would cost public sympathy. During the conflict several veterans were killed or injured and Butler declared himself a "Hoover-for-Ex-President-Republican".

    He became widely known for his outspoken lectures against war profiteering , U. In December , Butler toured the country with James E. He described their effort as "trying to educate the soldiers out of the sucker class.

    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine
    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine
    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine
    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine
    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine
    Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine Yohouse from a Boot to a China Marine

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